Sign the Letter Now!

Are you part of the 53% of Millennials who believe that abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances? Do you believe Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, should be stripped of taxpayer funding?
Sign the letter to the Congressional Leadership today telling them that we want the taxpayer funding currently
going to Planned Parenthood to instead go to healthcare facilities.


We Don't Need Planned Parenthood.

The American people shouldn’t be forced to give hundreds of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood, which was caught trafficking aborted babies’ hearts, lungs, livers and brains. That tax money should be redirected to trusted health providers, not given to the abortion industry. Taxpayer money should go to fund local community health centers, not to subsidize a scandal-ridden, billion-dollar abortion business. There are thousands of low-cost health providers – offering a wide range of women’s services like breast cancer screenings and preventative care – can be trusted with our hard-earned money. Planned Parenthood is under criminal investigation and cannot be trusted.

#DefundPP Sample Tweets & Statuses

  • Republicans control the legislative and executive branches, which leaves no excuses for not defunding Planned Parenthood #defundPP
  • Taxpayer $$ should go to fund local community health centers, not to subsidize a scandal-ridden, billion-dollar abortion business #DefundPP
  • Planned Parenthood is really excited about all their donations since Election Day. Great! Now they don’t need our tax $$ #defundPP
  • Congress and the White House have zero reasons why they cannot defund Planned Parenthood as promised #defundPP
  • Women are supposed to support each other, not sell each other – and their babies - out for profit. Looking at you @CecileRichards #defundPP
  • #PlannedParenthood betrays women by pushing abortion above all else #defundPP
  • For every adoption referral, #Planned Parenthood does 114 abortions #defundPP
  • Planned Parenthood has been referred for 15 criminal charges by the U.S House of Representatives. Why are they still getting tax $? #defundPP
  • .@PPact is currently under criminal investigation for the illegal harvesting and sale of baby body parts #defundPP
  • Planned Parenthood is a non-profit yet nets millions of dollars a year in profits. They don’t need taxpayer money #defundPP
  • Women are nothing but dollar signs to Planned Parenthood, a supposed non-profit that had a revenue of $1.35 billion in 2015 #defundPP
  • Over 96% of Planned Parenthood’s services to pregnant women are abortion: #defundPP
  • Planned Parenthood commits 897 abortions yet still gets $500M+ in tax dollars #defundPP